OUR life on earth is experienced much when we have go through ordeals and difficulties and as such gathered experiences. A lot of our dreams and goals keeps crushing down on us and in the end becomes mere dreams. Our attitude and preparation counts a lot whenever we want our goal to be realized. It is always possible to arrive at your set target if only the right actions are put in place or the desired preparations are made. I am young man of 21 years, though i cannot boast much of my experience in this life but i can bodly say and express that making the right choice, being informed about your decision’s progress count a lot. The mystery about success is perserverance. With the spirit of perserverance your dreams will not be just mere dreams but dream achieved. Am from a small village in Ghana called DOMPIM-PEPESA in the Western part with Sekondi-Takoradi being our Capital town and Tarkwa as our Municipal Capital, surviving in my place is as hard as you could think of. A lot of my classmates,friends,acquaintances and even family members which were there with me disappeared into thin air, especially my classmates. All that matters in life is all about you and you only so make it happen for you. Never be discouraged because of your present or hectic situation you are encountering because life involves stages and the stage you are right now will change to another. Avoid corrupt practices and stay true and positive to yourself. Lest i say, before you were born into this world, there were about two thousand to three thousand sperm cells of which any could have been you but only one cell developed to be you based on your strenght you depended on and that you never gave up. So the question now is, will you give up now or you will strive forward to achieve the ultimate target. Avoid procrastination for time isn’t yours and bear in mind that what you can do today cannot be done tomorrow , strike whilst the iron is hot for tomorrow is unknown and the village you see today can grow into a city tomorrow.



WE Thank the good Lord for how far HE has brought US. The Lord has guided us through all our endeavors ( our going out and our coming in ) . Our life’s activities is like chasing the wind, as we meet new people and make new friends and admirers and associate ourselves with them we are exposed to new events and lifestyle. As today marked the end of the sixth(6th) month of the year 2017, let us all grace our endeavors with the name of God as HE is our only source of hope and life.


Treading on this earth comes with plans and decisions in the quest of making one’s life meaningful and acceptable to oneself and the external environment at large. Life is full of decisions, some are big and some are small. Some are significant and others are not. Some will impact one’s life and some will impact a person’s destiny. The heads up here is,the way and manner we answer the BIG QUESTION – WHICH – is by the decisions we make.